Florida district sets spending priorities for $142.5 million budget

St John’s River Water Management District, Florida, has set a budget of $142.5 million for 2018-19, covering projects including water reuse and aquifer recharge initiatives, and public-private partnerships.

The budget provides for $54.92 million in co-operative funding, including up to $3.5 million to support water projects in economically disadvantaged rural communities and for innovative technologies, spring and priority water body protection and restoration, water conservation initiatives, and projects to enhance the use of reclaimed water.

Additionally, it covers:

  • $8.13 million for the Black Creek Water Resource Development Project to provide aquifer recharge in northeast Florida;
  • $3 million for Doctors Lake Nutrient Reduction Projects; and
  • $3.93 million for Lake Apopka projects.

The budget represents a reduction of 6 per cent for rate payers.