High-performance antiscalant launched at Arizona event

A new high performance antiscalant, SpectraGuard™ 350, was launched on 27 February 2012 by Professional Water Technologies, the H2O Innovation business unit.

The announcement was timed for the AWWA/AMTA Membrane Conference in Arizona, which started on 28 February 2012.

SpectraGuard™ 350 has been developed to provide a much higher level of protection and control over inorganic and colloidal species in water-reclamation plants and brackish-water reverse-osmosis desalination plants.

Recently certified for use by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) to ANSI/NSF Standard 60, SpectraGuard™ 350 is already in use in a major water-reclamation plant in Arizona. PWT and H2O Innovation’s sales teams have started to market the product to their customer base in the US and Canada, while PWT’s growing network of international distributors are in the process of adding it to their product lines.

PWT says SpectraGuard™ 350 is compatible with all membrane types and system components and provides excellent performance and protection against fouling by inorganic species such as carbonate and sulfate scales, silica, and metal hydroxides. With its stable molecular structure maintaining integrity in high pH, high temperature and high salinity applications, SpectraGuard™ 350 is able to work in an environment with higher levels of colloidal foulants.

“In a synergistic formula using our patent pending dendriplex™ technology and a blend of phosphonates, this chemical has attributes that meet or exceed our competitors’ offering and at a reduced dose rate,” said David Russell, vice president of PWT. “It is a very promising addition to our line of membrane systems specialty chemicals and one with great market potential in the fast-growing segment of water reclamation plants.”

“SpectraGuard™ 350 raises the bar both for operators of membrane systems, with higher performance, and for their respective purchasing departments, with lower overall operations costs. It could very well be the most economical high-performance scale inhibitor currently available,” said Greg Madden, PWT’s sales and service manager.