AMTA receives US$ 150,000 from ADC dissolution

The American Membrane Technology Association (AMTA) revealed on 28 February 2012 how it was going to use the US$ 151,000 donated to it by the Affordable Desalination Consortium (ADC) on its dissolution.

At an AMTA members meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, on 28 February 2012, John McHarg, head of ADC throughout its extended life from 2004 to 2011, reviewed the many achievements in the project in proving that recent technological advances had brought down the energy cost of desalination. The cheque was officially handed to Peter Waldron, AMTA president.

ADC’s work showed that in California, where the ADC membership organisations were primarily based, desalination energy costs were approaching those of other principal methods of water supply.

AMTA will use the donation to fund its publications/outreach committee with these objectives:

  • Further the membrane database to include operational costs
  • Enhance AMTA’s white papers with real-life examples
  • Work towards a comprehensive membrane plant design manual/guidelines textbook
  • >
  • Continue funding of research projects involving desalination
  • Establish scholarships, grants, stipends or awards
  • For the first five years, an annual scholarship, grant and/or stipend of not less than 5%/year of the donation should be awarded.


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