Dutch consultants merge into significant water-sector player

Leading Dutch consulting engineers DHV and Royal Haskoning signed a letter of intent on 27 February 2012 to merge.

The new company will be one of Europe’s leading independent project management, engineering and consultancy service providers and will rank globally in the top 10 of independently owned, non-listed companies and top 40 overall.

The intended name of the new company will be Royal Haskoning DHV with its headquarters in Amersfoort, Netherlands, where DHV has its current HQ. The company’s 8,000 staff will provide services from more than 100 offices in over 35 countries.

Royal Haskoning DHV will have a turnover in excess of € 700 million and will be a significant global player in the maritime, water and delta technology markets and a major party in aviation, mobility and infrastructure.

Bertrand van Ee, chairman of DHV and designated chairman of the new company, commented, “We are very excited about the opportunities for our clients and employees. This merger brings together an incredible pool of talent and immediately doubles our reach.”

Erik Oostwegel, chairman of Royal Haskoning and designated vice-chairman of the new company said, “The synergy between the two companies is enormous. We have worked together on projects before, but this is a whole new ball game.”

Signing of the merger agreement is scheduled for mid-summer, after due diligence and all approvals have been obtained.