WRF issues requests for two reuse proposals

The WateReuse Foundation (WRF)is seeking responses by 19 November 2009 to two new Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for water-reuse research projects.

The Effect of Prior Knowledge of ‘Unplanned’ Potable Reuse on the Acceptance of ‘Planned’ Potable Reuse (WRF-09-01)
The objective of this project is to investigate if community knowledge and awareness of ‘unplanned’ indirect potable water reuse (IPR) through the discharge of treated wastewater into the raw water supply improves their acceptance of ‘planned’ IPR. Project manager: Caroline Sherony

Utilization of HACCP Approach for Evaluating Integrity of Treatment Barriers for Reuse(WRF-09-03)
Investigation and development of an alternative approach for managing and monitoring microbial water quality of reclaimed water effluent through the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) process. A key component of this study will be documenting the applicability of HACCP for risk management, monitoring, and control of reclaimed water processes.
Project Manager: Julie Minton

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