Water industry investment fund secures $300 million institutional backing

Resonance Industrial Water Infrastructure, an investment fund focusing on water projects, has raised $300 million from institutional investors in the UK, US and the Nordics.

The fund specialises in small to medium size greenfield and retro-fit industrial water treatment and resource recovery infrastructure assets, primarily in Europe, Australia, China, and South East Asia, and is the first such fund to gain institutional backing.

Thierry Noel, founder of Amane Advisors, an advisory firm and partner in Resonance, said that the fund would “bring much needed capital to the water industry, and financing solutions that meet the specific requirements of the water market.” The fund has already committed to investing in a coal-to-chemical wastewater reuse plant in China.

Lydia Whyatt, managing director of water investments at Resonance, said: “The team’s experience and relationships with its partners, which include water plant operators and technology providers, mean that Resonance is able to identify strong investment opportunities.”

Resonance acts as a financial partner to industrial water operating companies, offering equity investments on an industry standard build-own-operate-transfer (BOOT) model, on projects from $10 million to $100 million.