Suez and Brazil’s Ceara state sign MOU on water reuse

Suez and Compendia de Agua e Esgoto do Ceara, the water utility of Ceara state, in northeastern Brazil, have signed a memorandum of understanding on water reuse, reports Diario de Nordeste.

The Federation of Industries of Ceará (FIEC), which produced a report on water reuse for industry, and called for a public-private partnership to deliver such a project, welcomed the move announced by Ceará state governor Camilo Santana.

“It is fundamental for Ceará to diversify its water matrix, whether by desalination plants, reuse of water by industry, new technologies for the exploration of aquifers, or capture of pond water,” said president of FIEC infrastructure council, Heitor Studart.

Suez already partners with Ceará on a project to supply water to Pecem industrial complex and port, one of two big ports in the state alongside Port of Fortaleza.