The South Central Membrane Association (SCMA) is kicking off a membrane operators certification program in January 2013 featuring the first of four modules being developed by the Southeast Desalting Association (SEDA) with SCMA and other affiliates of the American Membrane Technology Association (AMTA).

SCMA is offering Module I of a Membrane Operators Certificate Short School on 22 January 2013 at the City Of Mansfield Water Treatment Plant in Texas. Plans for additional courses are underway for 2013 to include Module I and Module II.

In addition, SEDA and the other affiliates are currently working on Module III and Module IV with hopes to have the courses available later in 2013-2014.
The modules are:

Module I – Membrane Basics
Module II – High-Pressure Membranes
Module III – Low-Pressure Membranes
Module IV- Wastewater/MBR

SCMA has posted three other events for 2013 prior to its annual conference in San Antonio, Texas, on 31 July 2013.

Immediately prior to the AMTA/American Water Works Association membrane conference in San Antonio at the end of February 2013, SCMA will be holding a Preconference Workshop on Membrane Cleaning & Troubleshooting for Operators on 25 February at the San Antonio Convention Center.

This workshop is designed for plant superintendents, operating staff and interested individuals who wish to learn about the basics of membrane operations and the tools available to properly identify and correct, through cleaning and operational changes, the various fouling and scaling issues that adversely impact membrane operations.

On 7 May 2013, SCMA is staging a SWAT Training For Operators workshop split between the Acton Municipal Utility District in Granbury, Texas, and the Granbury Surface Water Advanced Treatment System.

Two days later, on 9 May 2013, a Membrane Operators Workshop will be held in Oklahoma at WH Braums in Tuttle.

Details on both these events will be available soon. Information and details on all SCMA events can be obtained from Cathie Kellett at [email protected] or on the SCMA website.