The European Desalination Society (EDS) has published details of its first event in 2013, a three-day intensive course on Membrane Technology Process & System Design.

Dr Mark Wilf will lead the course on 11-13 March 2013 in L’Aquila, Italy.

The seminar will include practical information about performance and operating conditions of reverse osmosis (RO) and nanofiltration technology for brackish and seawater desalination.

The program includes introduction to membrane technology, description of commercial membrane elements, illustration of the membrane system design process and overview of systems operation. Calculations of the investment and operating cost of membrane plants, based on design cases will be illustrated.

A section of the seminar is dedicated to the modern microfiltration (MF) and ultrafiltration (UF) technology applied for treatment of potable water and as a pretreatment of feedwater for RO systems. Course material also includes information on process and equipment applied in membrane bioreactor systems.

An overview of commercial MF and UF membrane products will be provided. It will be followed by a description of the implementation process in large membrane treatment plants.

The seminar is directed toward professionals who are familiar with membrane technology, with the objective of providing practical information on commercial products, the design process, operation conditions of membrane systems and economics of the membrane desalination and water treatment applications.

Mark Wilf is a regular contributor to professional journals and has written chapters on membrane technology processes and applications for a number of books. He edited and wrote with other co-authors The Guidebook to Membrane Desalination Technology, published in 2006. He also edited and contributed to The Guidebook to Membrane Technology for Wastewater Reclamation, published in 2010.

Wilf regularly presents and teaches desalination and membrane technology subjects to engineers and water professionals. His teaching activity includes teaching courses on membrane technology and desalination for the EDS in L’Aquila, another annual course in San Diego and other courses for industrial companies and engineering organizations.

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