San Diego wastewater reuse demonstration to continue

San Diego City Council voted on 7 July 2009 to continue a $12 million wastewater indirect potable reuse demonstration project which would take purified sewage water from the North City Water Reclamation Plant and pump it into the San Vincente Reservoir to augment drinking water supplies.

The advanced treatment system, which will include ultrafiltration followed by reverse osmosis and disinfection by UV/peroxide, will be operated for at least one year to satisfy California Department of Public Health requirements.

During the year-long demonstration,

  • the advanced treated water will be frequently tested to determine the effectiveness of the treatment equipment in removing contaminants;
  • the equipment will be monitored for flow and overall performance;
  • operating data will be gathered and analyzed to refine operation and maintenance estimates for a full-scale system;
  • tours will be conducted as part of the public outreach effort; and
  • a study of the San Vicente Reservoir will be conducted to establish residence time and water quality parameters of the advanced treated water in the reservoir.