Simple small UF water filter good for disaster relief

Ultrafiltration using Ultrason E 6029 p polyethersulfon resin manufactured by BASF is being used in a simple family water purification system made by Swiss company Vestergaard Frandsen.

The LifeStraw® Family uses a 30 cm long plastic housing contain UF membranes made of Ultrason E. They remove viruses as well as bacteria from dirty surface water that may have come from rivers, lakes, rainwater collection barrels or puddles.

Ultrason E lends itself well to such filters because it allows production of membranes with a precisely controlled pore size and thus exactly defined filter characteristics. By using the portable purification unit, the risk of contracting gastrointestinal illnesses from dirty water is reduced drastically.

The LifeStraw Family system is not only lightweight and easy-to-use, but also inexpensive. It is able to purify at least 18,000 liters of water reliably without the need for batteries, electricity, replacement parts, chemicals or complex technology. Water purified by the unit has been tested by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and declared potable.

The products can be quickly and easily distributed during natural disasters. Vestergaard Frandsen worked in conjunction with non-governmental organisations to ship its products rapidly in response to Myanmar’s cyclone Nargis in May 2008 and the Chinese earthquake in August 2008.

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