Qatar and Sweden plot renewables-fuelled desalination project

A renewables-fuelled desalination project aiming to produce water for $1/m3 is to be jointly developed by Qatar and Sweden, reports The Peninsular.

Technical workshops to progress the idea are to be held following talks between Qatar minister of energy and industry Mohammed Saleh Al Sada, and Sweden’s vice minister of trade Oscar Stenström.

Monsoon Energy and Sweco, both from Sweden, and Qatar’s Kahraama, and Qatar Electricity and Water Company, will be the project’s leading stakeholders.

Strenström told reporters that the project would generate 200 MW from wind and 200 MW from solar, and that it would emulate existing successful plants, which are using Swedish technology, in Algeria, Morocco, and South Africa. “The cost of water desalination will be as low as $1 a cubic metre,” he said.