New Indian partnership for inge watertechnologies

Germany-based ultrafiltration manufacturer inge watertechnologies AG is expanding its presence in the Indian subcontinent through a sales and distribution partnership with CN Tech Engineers (CNTE).

Satellite data from the period between 2002 and 2008 compiled by the US space agency NASA confirms that India’s groundwater levels are sinking by 4 cm/year. To tackle this critical issue, India is now seeing strong demand for technologies designed to purify water, in particular those aimed at treating wastewater and seawater.

Bruno Steis, inge’s CEO, comments: “Our preliminary contact has indicated that there is certainly demand from India. We will be benefiting from a local partner in the form of CNTE, a company that understands Indian customs and traditions and has the skill to quickly establish our products in the Indian market.”

Shoeb Kurawadwala, managing director of CNTE, is delighted that the two companies will be working together: “We look forward to collaborating on a wide range of projects to help cater to the needs of the Indian water industry. Today, India has huge requirements for water recycling and purification of municipal and industrial water. The overall market is growing at 15- 20% every year and market research estimates the total water and wastewater treatment market size to be around US$ 420 million.