IDA celebrates leaders in global water reuse with new awards scheme

The IDA has unveiled the winners of its inaugural Water Reuse and Conservation Awards, with recipients drawn from across Asia, Europe and the US.

Dr Masaru Kurihara, fellow at Toray Industries, and senior scientific director of the Mega-ton Water System project, won the award for Outstanding Professional in Water Reuse and Conservation, and Neal Chung, professor at National University of Singapore, and Roberto Mazzini of Veolia Water Technologies Italia, were recognised with distinction in the category. The award recognises individuals who make an exceptional contribution to developing and implementing water reuse projects, and who advance technology and applied science in water reuse and conservation.

Orange County Water District scooped the award for Exception Utility Leader in Water Reuse and Conservation, for an outstanding performance in implementing successful water reuse and conservation programmes and projects. Suez, France, was awarded with distinction, and Water Corporation, Australia won a merit award in the category.

The third award, Industry Technology and Innovation Leader in Water Reuse and Conservation, was awarded for outstanding performance by private consulting firms, and technology and equipment providers, in advancing water reuse and conservation technology, and developing solutions that significantly reduce energy use, carbon footprint, and cost. The winner was Veolia Water Technologies, France; and Desalitech, USA, was awarded with distinction, and Dow Water & Process Solutions, USA, won a merit award.

The awards were conferred at the IDA’s International Conference on Water Reuse and Recycling in Nice, France, September 2016, by a panel of experts drawn from across the water reuse industry. The conference and the awards panel were co-chaired by IDA directors Leon Awerbuch, president and chief technology officer of Leading Edge, and Nikolay Voutchkov, president, Water Globe Consulting.