Fluence Corp supplies its de-centralised tech to new markets globally

Fluence Corp has secured new orders for its Nirobox technology in the Philippines, and Argentina.

In its first deal in South America, the company will install two Nirobox BW (brackish water) units for Berazategui municipality, Buenos Aires, each producing 1,500 m3/d. The custom-designed units will include advanced reverse osmosis and ultraviolet filtration technology, and are expected to be built, delivered and commissioned in less than five months.

In the Philippines, Fluence has installed a Nirobox SW (seawater) unit to a new tourist resort, producing 1,000 m3/d of desalinated water. The treatment unit was installed within a week of receiving the order.

“Our entry into the Philippines, with commissioning undertaken one week after order receipt, and further growth in Argentina, shows our growing global reach,” said Henry Charrabé, Fluence Corp chief executive.

Interview: Henry Charrabé, Fluence Corp chief executive (September 2017)