Florida claims US reuse lead with 2.74 million m³/d

An average of 725 MGD (2.74 million m³/d) of treated wastewater is reused every day in the state of Florida, USA, according to statistics published by the South Florida Water Management District. It claims this leads the nation.

SFWMD and other utilities in the state are recognizing 18-24 May 2014 as Water Reuse Week to promote the benefits of using reclaimed water as part of a continuing effort to protect regional water supplies.

Within the district itself, more than 100 reuse systems use an average of 266 MGD (1 million m³/d) providing water for more than 127,000 residents, 269 parks, 199 golf courses and 74 schools.

“Reusing water is essential throughout the state in protecting Florida’s water resources,” said SFWMD executive director Blake Guillory, who also is on the board of directors for the national Water Reuse Association. “Reuse technologies are continually improving, and, as a result, we’re seeing an increase in customized industrial applications–especially as Florida’s economy also continues to improve.”