WateReuse launches video about urban water cycle

The WateReuse Research Foundation announces the release of The Ways of Water, an animated video that presents an overview of the many human interventions in the water cycle and looks at the benefits of some key water provision options including Direct Potable Reuse (DPR).

The video avoids the technical jargon common in the water industry and provides an easy-to-understand presentation of the urban water cycle and water purification.

“This animation is an excellent public education resource for water utilities, water providers, and water purification agencies,” said foundation chairman Richard Nagel of the West Basin Municipal Water District in California.

The video was produced as part of the WateReuse DPR Initiative, a research program launched in 2012 to address regulatory, utility, and community concerns regarding DPR in California. Nearly 50 public water agencies, consulting engineering firms, and suppliers have pledged nearly $6 million to advance DPR as a water supply option. DPR means the reused water is put directly into pipelines that go to a water treatment plant or distribution system, instead of first sending it to a groundwater basin or surface water reservoir.

The Ways of Water animation is one component of an ongoing research project lead by Carollo Engineers titled Guidelines for Engineered Storage for Direct Potable Reuse (WRRF-12-06). The video was directed by James Hutson of Bridge8, and produced by New Water Resources as a part of the research project.

The video can be viewed at www.watereuse.org/foundation/ways-of-water.