IX + ceramic membrane water treatment plant unveiled

A water treatment plant in the Netherlands combining ion-exchange (IX) with ceramic membranes was presented to the water industry for the first time on 12 May 2014 by PWN Technologies of Velserbroek.

The Andijk III plant is based on PWN’s SIX (Suspended IX) and CeraMac ceramic membrane filtration technologies in combination with existing UV-peroxide technology and active carbon filtration. It has a capacity of 120,000 m³/d and cost € 50-60 million.

PWN says that the plant will produce water of a better quality with lower environmental impact and decreased energy consumption at a lower cost. SIX removes water turbidity (dissolved organic substances, nitrate and sulphate).

Jonathan Clement, CEO of PWN Technologies, thinks Andijk III is the most modern pretreatment installation, integrating completely new technologies: “What we do here is not a little bit different, it is unique in the world. A great achievement for the water industry.”

The compact design significantly increases the economic viability of the water treatment process, says PWN.

“This is a major step forward”, explains Martien den Blanken, CEO of PWN Water Supply Company North Holland. “Andijk III is a new standard in treating difficult surface water.”