Energy Recovery unveils $5.5 million of deals in India and the Middle East

Energy Recovery, the water technology specialist that recovers energy from industrial fluid flows and pressure cycles, has won new supply deals in the Middle East and India.

The company will supply $2.8 million of PX-Q300 Pressure Exchanger devices to desalination plants in India, and $2.7 million of PX-Q300 and PX-Q260 Pressure Exchanger devices to desalination plants in the Middle East.

At the Indian facilities, which produce up to 95,000 m3/d, the company estimates that power consumption will be reduced by 12.4 MW, saving 108GWh and 64,000 tons of CO2 emissions, a year.

At the Middle East plants, which produce 114,000 m3/d, it expects a cut in power consumption of 14.5 MW, saving more than 125 GWh of energy, and 74,800 tones of CO2 emissions a year.

“These new deals in India allow us to offer our technology in a key emerging region that has a critical need for potable water. Following our recent awards in the Middle East, we continue to prove that Energy Recovery produces the world’s leading energy recovery technology,” said Energy Recovery president and chief executive Joel Gay.