Egypt expedites 16 desalination projects

Egypt is developing 35 desalination plants of which 16 are marked urgent, reports Al Borsa.

The facilities are in development by the ministry of housing, utilities and urban communities. The first 16 desalination plants will add 671,000 m3/d of new capacity, and a further 19 facilities will cover 682,000 m3/d.

There are already 58 plants operating in Egypt, representing 440,000 m3/d. Once the building programme is complete, the country’s total desalination capacity will be 1.8 million m3/d.

“A number of projects have been presented as part of the World Bank-funded rural sanitation program, as well as projects financed through international cooperation, rural sanitation projects, and the Ministry’s plan to rationalise water consumption and maximise use of available water resources,” said minister of housing, utilities and urban communities Dr Assem Al-Jazzar.