Five courses for the first half of 2013 have been announced by the European Desalination Society (EDS). All except one will be staged in Genoa, Italy.

The EDS programme will be kicked off by Dr Mark Wilf, who will present a three-day intensive course on Membrane technology, process and system design in Genoa on 11-13 March 2013.

The other courses will be:

8-10 April 2013 -
 Intensive course on Ion-Exchange membrane processes: Their principle and practical applications. 
Lecturer: Heiner Strathmann.

15-18 April 2013 – Four-day advanced course on
 Pretreatment, membrane fouling and scaling. Lecturer: Jan C Schippers.

8-10 May 2013, Almeria, Spain – Three-day course on 
Desalination with solar energy.
 Lecturers: Julián Blanco, Diego-César Alarcón Padilla, Guillermo Zaragoza.

24-26 June, 2013 -
 One-day intensive course on 
Thermal desalination and Material selection in desalination.
 Lecturer: Corrado Sommariva.