The European Desalination Society has posted a half-year series of courses on its website for 2011 related to water desalination and membrane technology. All the courses will take place in Pegli, close to Genoa, Italy, at the Hotel Mediterranée.

The first is a 3-day intensive course on Membrane Technology, Process & System Design, which will take place on 7-9 March 2011.

Lecturer Dr Mark Wilf, director of US membrane technology company Tetra Tech, will deliver the seminar topics, which include practical information about performance and operating conditions of reverse-osmosis and nanofiltration technology for brackish and seawater desalting. The program includes introduction to membrane technology, description of commercial membrane elements, illustration of the membrane system design process and overview of systems operation. Calculations of the investment and operating cost of membrane plants, based on design cases will be illustrated.

The seminar is directed toward professionals who are familiar with membrane technology, with the objective of providing practical information on commercial products, the design process, operation conditions of membrane systems and economics of the membrane desalting and water-treatment applications.

Former EDS president Jan Schippers will present a 4-day advanced course on Pretreatment, Membrane Fouling & Scaling on 4-7 April 2011.

The course includes practice and theory on pre-treatment, fouling and scaling in microand ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis applied for the production of drinking and industrial water production. The impact of the water source — seawater, river water, brackish ground water and treated domestic waste water — will be discussed in depth.

In June 2011, Dr Corrado Sommeriva of ILF Consultants will present three successive short courses:

20-21 June 2011 – Thermal Desalination.
22 June 2011 – Material Selection In Desalination
23-24 June 2011 – Water Management & Economics

The topics include information about desalination technology, starting with basic concepts of water chemistry and desalination mass and energy balance. This is followed by detailed evaluation of two major desalination methods: multi-stage flash and multiple-effect distillation. The technology description includes theoretical principles of the process, principles of desalination system operation, system design, evaluation of the economics of the process. The courses will describe also the common interface of thermal desalination with associated power plants and various configurations and matching criteria.

The main aspects of desalination economics will then be illustrated including a description of the market environment and prices, project delivery mechanisms (private – turnkey multi-contracts etc.) and budgeting a desalination project. The economic session will be related to both thermal and RO processes.

Participants should be end users, turnkey contractors, developers who wish to gain a more detailed understanding of thermal desalination and the associated interface with a power plant.

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