EDS promotes learning on desalination and renewable energy

The European Desalination Society is promoting two sets of courses looking at desalination using renewable energies.

The first is an e-learning course is offered over the internet as part of the training activities of the ProDes project, cofinanced by the European Commission through the “Intelligent Energy for Europe” programme. This online course focuses on the introduction of desalination by renewable energies resources, presented in ten chapters.

This training initiative is addressed to people interested in this field of knowledge: professionals related with water or energy, technical students, major water users, water managers. This e-learning action will be based on an interactive and user-friendly philosophy; the purpose is that the on-line student is the main leader of his/her own training process. The course has also a flexible structure, allowing the students with high time restrictions to complete it with a minimum dedication of 10 hours; on the other hand, the course will offer several complementary training options for the students with more time or specific interest.

The five different editions of the course stretch from 1 March to 11 July 2011. Further details can be found on www.desline.com/courses.

The second event is a 3-day course on
 Desalination with Solar Energy, in Almeria, Spain, on 9-11 May 2011 
Lecturers will be Julián Blanco Gálvez, Diego-César Alarcón Padilla
Guillermo Zaragoza, Elena Guillén
For information, contact: [email protected].