Desalitech and Veolia tie up Mexican MoU

Desalitech Inc has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies to bring advanced cost‑effective high‑recovery water solutions to Mexico and additional countries worldwide.

Both companies agree to negotiate a partnership agreement following their collaboration in Mexico and the US, and are moving forward with their cooperation. The intended partnership joins the commercial, technical and execution strengths of Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies, with the leadership in high efficiency reverse‑osmosis (RO) water treatment and wastewater reuse of Desalitech.

“Our high efficiency solutions represent a new future for industrial and agricultural water and wastewater treatment. The alliance we are announcing today with the world’s largest and foremost engineering company of water treatment facilities, Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies, is a remarkable landmark and a great privilege for Desalitech,” stated Desalitech CEO Nadav Efraty.

Desalitech’s executive vice president, Rick Stover told D&WR that Desalitech is also contributing to the fight against drought in California with two projects.

“One is an agricultural customer using one of our systems to treat brackish groundwater for irrigation. It’s affordable because of the high recovery rate and therefore low concentrate production rate that Desalitech systems achieve,” said Stover. “The site is near Bakersfield, far enough from the coast so that concentrate disposal is a major cost driver.”

The other project is a pilot with LA Sanitation in Los Angeles operating on chlorides in effluent from a conventional RO plant.

“Again the advantage our system is giving them is high recovery which reduces the amount of waste – it’s running at 93% recovery with a single‑stage unit, resisting fouling and scaling brilliantly,” said Stover.