Best Practices for Cost Efficient Sea Water Desalination

Supplying 16 million gallons of low-cost drinking water daily to a thirsty community is a challenge; finding an experienced partner to provide a complete desalination solution should not be.

High corrosion resistance, energy efficiency and proven performance are paramount to the selection of pumps and systems for water desalination. Flowserve is unmatched in materials expertise and applications know-how. Having equipped water desalination plants for more than a half-century, Flowserve has the experience and expertise to meet these challenges. 

Join Beat Schneider, Flowserve Global Desalination Director, to learn how Flowserve’s experts can bring together all the parts—from pumps to energy recovery devices—to meet your ever-growing needs for fresh water at a lower cost. The webinar topics will cover:

  • Learn about the modern trends and challenges in RO Desalination. 
  • Discover innovative ways deployed to address these challenges with a complete line of pumps, power recovery systems, and technical support from Flowserve for efficient and cost-effective desalination.
  • Share how today’s projects/practices address these challenges and help customers succeed.
  • Obtain valuable information from Flowserve on lessons learned and the solutions, tips/traps that helped a new SWRO plant at Larnaca, Cyprus.