Johor state, Malaysia, has made public its ambitions to form a public-private partnership to develop what could become the country’s largest desalination plant, reports.

Johor has completed a study of water resources to 2060, and is awaiting federal government approval for its plans, said state chief minister Mohamed Khaled Nordin. Johor will also explore options for rainwater harvesting and ground water use, and the water regulator plans to construct four tube wells in 2017, in the districts of Mersing and Kota Tinggi.

The proposed site for the desalination plant is in Forest City, Johor. The state, in southern Malaysia, is connected to Singapore by causeways.

Johor is one of the fastest growing states in Malaysia, generating gross domestic product growth of 6.1 per cent on average in each of the years from 2011 to 2014, higher than Malaysia’s national average of 5.4 per cent.