STW Water bags Horizon, Texas US$ 2.2 million brine concentrator deal

STW Water has won the US$ 2.2 million contract to design, engineer and construct a reverse osmosis concentrator for the Municipal Utility District of Horizon City, Texas.

Design and engineering has already begun, manufacturing of the equipment will start in November. The installation and build-out will begin in the first week of January 2015. Project completion is expected in the second quarter of 2015. STW Water will maintain the system under a contract with Horizon City.

The existing municipal reverse osmosis plant in Horizon is ten years old and can produce only 35 – 45 Ml/d of processed water. According to the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ), the facility discharges about 5 Ml/d of brine which goes to evaporation ponds. But the ponds failed to evaporate at the anticipated rate but additional ponds are not a viable option.

STW’s reverse osmosis concentrator is designed to remedy the evaporation pond issue while neutralizing potential environmental concerns. With the new system, about half of the processed effluent will be used and half will be reclaimed back into the distribution system.  It can be blended with permeate from the other reverse osmosis systems. 

The concentrator is seen an economical alternative to land acquisition and additional ponds for other municipalities.
STW Water Process and Technologies, along with its manufacturers, said it will provide custom-designed reverse osmosis concentrators with interval clean-in-place (CIP) technology approved by the TCEQ. 

This type of concentrator At Horizon is the second approved in Texas. Both have been overseen by STW Water president, Alan Murphy.


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