Saudi boost for LiqTech ceramic membranes

The Saudi Arabian Ministery of Water & Electricity has announced that ceramic flat-sheet membranes are the technology of choice for groundwater applications, according to Danish company LiqTech International.

The company is also expecting orders for large oil production systems in the South China Sea.

Announcing the company’s first quarter results on 15 May 2014, CEO Finn Helmer said that Saudi Arabia’s interest in LiqTech flat sheet membranes increased in the first quarter of 2014.

Speaking about LiqTech’s quarterly performance, Helmer said, “Our sales of liquid membrane filters were up 28% in the first quarter this year compared to last year; the highest quarterly sales of liquid membranes since the beginning of 2012.”

“We have seen significant progress in some of our market development activities,” Helmer added. “FMC (the oil equipment and services company) is developing, as planned, their prototype fracking system, and we expect to have the production release before year-end 2014. Given the production release this year, we expect that the first LiqTech liquid membranes will be delivered in third quarter.”

“In China, the test in the South China Sea went so well that we will be invited to submit two tenders over the next six months for large production systems,” Helmer continued.

LiqTech has also seen “good interest” in market areas such as algae concentration, industrial wastewater, pretreatment for reverse-osmosis filtration, and scrubber water.