Large RO membranes at heart of Scottsdale expansion

The 7.1 MGD (26,900 m³/d) expansion of the City of Scottsdale’s Water Campus Advanced Water Treatment (AWT) plant in Arizona, USA, is now fully operational creating a total of 20 MGD (75,700 m³/d) of reused wastewater.

The expansion uses large-diameter (16 in) membrane elements for a reduced water footprint in its reverse-osmosis systems.

This new phase of the Water Campus AWT is currently the largest reuse system in the world using large-diameter elements. The membranes were supplied in June 2012 by CSM (Woongjin Chemical America Inc), engineering/consulting was by SPI and general construction was by Archer Western Contractors.

The product water is used for aquifer recharge and golf-course irrigation.