WateReuse to look at storage for direct water reuse

A request for proposals was issued on 10 October 2012 by the WateReuse Research Foundation for development of recommendations for optimising storage systems for direct potable water reuse.

As communities move towards more direct potable reuse (incorporation of highly purified recycled water into a drinking water source without an environmental buffer), it will be imperative to provide utilities with guidance on sizing, design and response procedures for potential changes in water quality in engineered storage systems as they will become increasingly important in overall water management.

The availability of an engineered storage buffer is a key element in direct potable reuse using current treatment and monitoring techniques.

The main objective of the Guidelines for Engineered Storage for Direct Potable Reuse Systems (WateReuse-12-06) project is to develop recommendations for optimizing engineered storage systems for direct potable reuse. This will be accomplished through examining current practices and existing research to generate a guidance document and report.

Deadline for proposals: 20 November 2012.