IDE Technologies ‘breaks recovery limits’ for BWRO brine

IDE Technologies has introduced new system MAXH2O, which is designed to improve recovery rates in brackish water reverse osmosis (BWRO) brine.

The new technology combines a proprietary, semi-batch reverse osmosis (RO) system with an integrated salt precipitation unit, and has been shown in pilot projects to improve brine recovery to 98 per cent in some cases.

The system addresses common BWRO system challenges including scaling from sparingly soluble salts such as calcium carbonate, silica, and calcium sulphate, and organic fouling and bio-fouling, without additional use of chemicals.

“MAXH2O definitely breaks the brine recovery limits known in the industry. Achieving a high recovery in BWRO is always a challenge, and in many cases determines whether a project is economically viable or not. Thus we are providing many more opportunities for new installations and retrofits,” said IDE product line director of business development Tomer Efrat.

The MAXH2O desalter is applicable to RO brine, and industrial effluents with high scaling tendency and low-to-moderate salinity of 0.1 to 0.7 per cent.