Sorek GRP pipe contract awarded to Protesa

A contract for the supply and installation of 2,900 m of glass-fibre reinforced polyester (GRP) piping has been awarded to Protecciones Plasticas (Protesa) of Spain for the Sorek plant in Israel, the world’s second largest desalination plant to date.

Protesa‘s scope of supply includes the design, manufacture, installation and related engineering services for GRP piping and fittings in diameters ranging from 25 to 2200 mm.

The plant will use reverse-osmosis technology and will reach a capacity of 510,000 m³/d, which, once the project is completed, will cater for 65% of Israel’s drinking water consumption.

Protesa says that this project, led by the Sorek Desalination Partnership – formed by IDE Technologies and Hutchison Water International Holdings Pte – constitutes an important reference in the sector due to its size and the high level of technology used and reaffirms the company’s experience in the desalination sector, as well as the company’s growth on an international level.