Rochem and APTwater announce merger

A merger was announced on 9 November 2011 between APTwater Inc of California, USA, and Rochem AG of Switzerland.

Both companies use advanced technologies to provide clean water from a variety of difficult sources. They will continue to operate under their current names for the time being.

Rochem, based in Geneva, deploys patented membrane modules in integrated treatment systems to clean water on ships, landfills, chemical plants and wastewater facilities worldwide. The membranes used are made by Sepro Membranes Inc, a joint venture between Rochem AG and Sojitz Corporation of Japan.

APTwater, which started up in Long Beach in 2009, develops and deploys patented technology to destroy tough-to-treat contaminants that have rendered otherwise valuable water useless – contaminants such as pharmaceutical byproducts, trace organics, nitrates and hexavalent chromium. APTwater systems can create clean water from damaged groundwater, surface water and wastewater treatment plants.

“Our new company brings together an exciting combination of proven solutions, innovations ready for market, and ideas under development,” says David Stanton, the CEO of the new enterprise. “And with more of our clients looking to save capital by deploying our solutions through water-by-the-gallon contracts, we now can offer the full service solutions in Europe and North America.”

Rochem and APTwater’s employees and license partners are located at sales and service centers in North America, Germany, Italy, UK, Australia and Asia. Sepro manufactures membranes in Oceanside, California.