WRF seeks preproposals for research funding

Preproposals are being sought by the WateReuse Research Foundation (WRF) by 7 March 2011 for funding consideration under its 2011 Unsolicited Research Program.

Funding will be awarded in October 2011.

The total amount of funds approved for the WRF’s 2011 Unsolicited Research Program projects is US$ 350,609. The foundation anticipates funding between two and four projects with a maximum funding level for any single project of US$ 175,000.

The WRF research program is designed to meet the future needs of the water reuse and desalination communities. In an effort to identify those needs, the foundation surveyed its subscribers to find their most important challenges.

These were:

1. Addressing known and unknown contaminants that persist in recycled water
2. Defining the risks of recycled water (risk assessment)
3. Progression from non-potable to potable reuse
4. Defining environmental benefits/drawbacks of recycled water
5. Inland salt management
6. Data/approaches to support development of public health criteria for recycled water
7. Energy-water nexus for recycled water
8. Project implementation issues (eg, public acceptance, financing)
9. Defining public health benefits and disadvantages of recycled water
10. Data/approaches to support development of end use/ performance criteria for recycled water
11. Energy-water nexus for desalination

Only projects that address one or more of these challenges will be funded. Proposers are encouraged to address emerging issues and propose original concepts or novel techniques, but funded research must have the potential for a practical application and wide applicability.

The foundation does not fund validation studies for proprietary products of private companies. More information about submitting a proposal can be found on the foundation’s Unsolicited Program webpage.