Wastewater reuse set for 61% growth by 2015

Market researcher, Bluefield, has forecast 61% growth in the US market for wastewater reuse in municipal utilities over the next ten years with potable reuse increasing from 15% of the total capacity to 19% by 2025.

The expansion will, according to Bluefield, require some US$ 11 billion of capital expenditures by 2025. Among the market researcher’s predictions is that each state independently will add to its capacity for reuse as the climate becomes “increasingly positive” for water solution providers.

Bluefield’s forecasts build on the more than 8.3 million m³/d of municipal wastewater flows currently reused in the US. The findings were drawn from analysis of data more than 3,000 existing wastewater treatment plants, over 700 operating wastewater reuse systems, and 247 reuse projects in various stages of planning.

Bluefield’s report, US Municipal Wastewater and Reuse: Market Trends, Opportunities, and Forecasts 2015-2025, provides analysis of regulatory policies and investment across nine primary states and 32 water districts to support companies “as they navigate a nascent and highly fragmented landscape.”