Trinidad and Tobago remain on dry alert despite desalination upgrade completion

Trinidad and Tobago remain under a dry spell alert as a completed upgrade at the desalination plant in Point Lisas takes up to two months to provide fully its increased capacity.

The islands’ water and sewerage authority is maintaining a water supply schedule for Trinidad and a revised water schedule for Tobago. General manager at the Desalination Company of Trinidad and Tobago (Desalcott), John Thompson, confirmed that the Point Lisas expansion works, which caused a water shortage, had been completed but added: “With the upgraded facility and after we have commission tested the expansion, we’ll be up to the 200 million litres a day which should take about three weeks, no longer than two months.”

Desalcott  has implemented three plant shutdowns since November last year to upgrade the water supply to the country.  The desalination plant currently supplies WASA, its main customer, with about 150 million litres a day.