Texas county opens up brackish desalt project

The San Antonio Water System (SAWS) in Texas, US has begun a ten-year phased brackish water desalination programme that will provide the county with potable water at over 150 Ml/d.

Output from the 60Ml/d first phase facility will comprise 10 Ml/d of filtered well water blended with the permeate from a 50 Ml/d brackish water reverse osmosis plant. SAWS said it will complete phase II in 2021 with the third and final stage complete in 2026.
The first phase project manager is Black and Veatch, the process design engineer is Tetra Tech, the construction manager is Zachry-Parsons and the mechanical contractor is Dynamic System. Biwater is the reverse osmosis system supplier for the project and will be responsible for the reverse osmosis (RO) trains, design of ancillary equipment as well as the RO system operation design.