XPR technology ready for large SWRO installations

Energy recovery device manufacturer, Isobarix has made what it has called its “first milestone shipment” of its XPR-809 series device.

The shipment went to Doosan Hydro Technology of Tampa, Florida. for incorporation into a 1,244 m³/d seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) plant that Doosan is building for a Peruvian mining facility. Doosan is also constructing a 8,016 m³/d SWRO plant for Shuqaiq power plant in Saudi Arabia, which will require another four XPR-809 devices each operating at 450 gallons a minute (1,700 l/min). Isobarix has claimed that its device provides 50% more unit flow than market leading power exchange technology offered by Energy Recovery.

Isobarix said it has a contracted and installed XPR capacity in SWRO close to 30,000 m3/d, with most of it acquired last year. Isobarix president, Leif J. Hauge, said: “Our XPR technology has undeniably higher performance at substantial lower cost and SWRO professionals are recognizing that. I have no doubt our market penetration will increase with at least 100,000 m³/d in 2015.