Oman trial plant eases water scarcity

Trial operation of a new desalination plant near the Oman capital, Muscat, is already alleviating water scarcity there according to the Oman’s Public Authority for Electricity and Water.

The trial run of the new Ghubra desalination plant is gradually replacing an old facility in supplying potable water to South Al Batinah and Dakhiliya Wilayats. The test will run until September when the old plant’s tanks are completely drained.

Commercial operation at the Ghubra plant is scheduled to begin by the beginning of 2016.

Ghubra is producing around 45,000 m³/d of drinking water during its trial run. Its output will be stepped up incrementally until it reaches its maximum capacity of use under 159,000 m³/d.

Though the water scarcity has eased, some high areas - including Hamriya and Amerat – continue to face water shortage. New pumping facilities are planned to improve supplies for those areas.

The Quriyat desalination plant, currently under development, will produce 166,558 m³/d and is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2017. And a 281,000 m³/d desalination plant in Barka along with another in Sohar with a capacity of 250,000 m³/d are scheduled for completion during the first quarter of 2018.