Ultra pure systems market to top US 4.3 billion in 2016

The world market for ultra pure water systems and consumables will grow to more than US$ 4.3 billion next year according to market researcher, McIlvaine.

McIlvaine has forecast that the greatest demand for ultra pure water systems will come from electronics manufacturing where spending will reach almost US$ 1.4 billion with most of the activity in in Asia.

The Asian power industry will generate substantial business with many power plants installing ultra supercritical coal-fired boilers which require the highest purity water said McIlvaine.

China’s recent economic slide is likely to limit growth with a slow down in growth in cola-fired boiler capacity according to the researcher. But rising Chinese interest in water conservation and recycling is boosting the use of ultra pure water systems said McIlvaine. This includes a trend in China to combine potable water production through seawater desalination with coastal power stations.

McIlvaine foresees growth in demand for ultra pure systems with the rise in number of generic drug manufacturing facilities in Asia.