Indian state gives green light to desalination duo

India’s Tamil Nadu state government has given the go-ahead for two 60 Ml/d output seawater reverse osmosis desalination plants at Kuthiraimozhi in Ramanathapuram and Alanthalai in the port city of Tuticorin. They will supply more than 1,100 rural areas where provision of safe drinking water has been a long-standing challenge.

In May this year, the Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage (TWAD) Board informed the government that the pre-feasibility study had been completed by the Tamil Nadu Water Investment Company for setting up the two plants at a cost of Rs 680 crore (US$ 107 million) each.

Initially, the state will invest 80% of the capital cost. Additional central government assistance has also been sanctioned for Rs 128 crore (US$ 20 million).

The operation and maintenance cost for both the plants will be Rs 37.05 (US$ 0.6) a kl under a 25 year contract. The project will benefit about 15 town panchayats, 16 unions and a municipality in these two coastal districts. A detailed project report is being prepared by the TWAD Board for the transmission system to carry water from the desalination plant to the users.