Adionics launches liquid-to-liquid desalination system

France-based Adionics has launched a smart desalination solution that is able to remove specific salts to address the growing demand coming from oil and gas, food and beverages as well as mining.

The company’s Smartex system was derived from its AquaOmnes technology which it unveiled last May followed by industrial variants for brines this year

AquaOmnes removes salts from water by liquid-liquid extraction whatever the salinity without the scaling barrier the company claims. Its first pilot unit is being implemented in the United Arab Emirates to desalt brines.

Adionics said Smartex was “designed to remove selectively cations and/or anions while running at ambient pressure”. It claimed also thatch technology had “very low energy consumption and for any salinity grade thanks to the liquid-liquid extraction approach”.
Adionics’ executive vice president of sales and marketing, Thierry Darde, said: “Thanks to Smartex, in the oil and gas business for instance, our solution is able to treat highly saline waters such as produced water and remove some species such as calcium, strontium, barium, magnesium or sulphates, when others such as sodium or chloride are left in the treated water. This new approach in the world of enhanced oil recovery is expected to become a major breakthrough for this industry. Similar developments are to take place in other industries such as mining.”

Adionics is working currently on partnering with major Gulf Cooperation Countries to implement the first pilot units of Smartex in the Middle East by 2016.