Aquarion acquires Germany’s MFT

Swiss oil and gas industry water systems company, Aquarion Group, has acquired Membran- Filtrations-Technik (MFT) of Germany for an undisclosed sum.

“The acquisition of MFT further strengthens Aquarion’s position as a leader in the membrane technology sector,” said chief executive officer of Baar-based Aquarion, Karl Michael Millauer. He said the move was “expanding our membrane technology development capabilities and building on the solid membrane technology platform provided by Hager+Elsaessar, one of our flagship companies,”

Cologne-based MFT’s portfolio includes microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis systems for potable, process and pure water production, brackish and seawater desalination, wastewater treatment, and water recycling/reuse. It serves a range of industries including oil and gas, power generation, food and beverage manufacturing, and heavy manufacturing.

Its membrane filtration systems range from tubular and hollow fibre modules to ceramic, plate and frame, and spiral wound modules. MFT has developed a membrane module – its circular disc module - for wastewater treatment and reuse, produced water treatment and zero liquid discharge.

MFT’s management team will remain in place.