Suez and Solvay win first contract in China to treat brine with AOP

Suez and Solvay have won their first contract in China to treat brine from a reverse osmosis desalination plant using a jointly developed advanced oxidation process.

The contract provides for treating the brine from a 24,000 m3/d capacity plant at Wanhua Chemical Industry Park, Yantai, to produce water of a quality that complies with the latest Chinese regulations for discharge into the sea.

The water quality parameters include:

* total nitrogen (TN) of less than 15 milligrams per litre (< 15 mg/l);

* total organic carbon (TOC) < 20 mg/l;

* biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) < 10 mg/l;

* suspended solids (SS) < 10 mg/l; and

* total phosphorus (TP) < 0.5 milligrams per litre squared.

The treatment line will utilise the advanced oxidation process jointly developed by Suez and Solvay, as well as patented Suez technologies.

Suez and Solvay formed an alliance in April 2017 to offer new solutions for treating wastewater in China using advanced oxidation. The technology is effective on a broad spectrum of molecules, and does not transfer pollutants from one phase of the process to the next or produce large quantities of hazardous sludge.