Parkson and MIOX take on OSG disinfection market

Florida-based water engineers Parkson Corporation and disinfection specialists MIOX Corporation announced on 28 April 2011 the formation of a new partnership to develop the market for on-site generation (OSG) disinfection systems.

As an exclusive distribution partner, effective 1 June 2011, Parkson will market and sell MIOX’s award-winning line of proprietary hypochlorite and mixed-oxidant systems to municipal water and wastewater customers in the US, Canada and six Middle East countries.

“We’re thrilled to partner with MIOX,” says Zain Mahmood, president and CEO of Parkson. “This partnership blends MIOX’s proven research & development capabilities with Parkson’s application and process expertise. MIOX’s innovative and green technology also extends Parkson’s reach into the drinking water segment while leveraging our strengths in the Municipal wastewater treatment space.”

“We are proud to team up with Parkson,” commented Carlos Perea, MIOX CEO. “In addition to having a strong sales and marketing organization, they have a reputation for outstanding customer service and support and they know how to develop the market for advanced products. Working together, MIOX and Parkson can have a bigger and faster impact on the municipal water and wastewater treatment markets, accelerating the shift from traditional disinfection methods to a safer, more affordable and more sustainable treatment option.”

MIOX’s cost-effective and green OSG technology combines salt, water and electricity to replace the need to transport and store bulk liquid or gaseous chlorine. Compared to traditional chemical delivery it is much safer and more cost effective.

Increasingly, chlorine is also being deployed in wastewater plants to meet growing demand for water reuse for landscaping, urban or industrial uses.