MBR plant part of new Muscat wastewater reuse program

Work has started in Muscat, Oman, on the Darsait Wastewater Treatment plant, part of the first phase of the Muttrah Water Reuse Project.

The masterplan for the Governorate of Muscat Water Reuse Project, of which the Muttrah project is part, aims to connect 80% of the residents of Muscat governate with a state-of-the-art water reuse system.

The new Darsait Water Treatment Plant is an integral part of the project and will treat water from Al Wadi al Kabir, Al Hamriya, Ruwi, Bait Al Falaj, Darsait, Darsait al Sahel, Einat and Muttrah. Its three phases, physical, biological and chemical, include a membrane bioreactor.

The main aim of treating this water is to protect the environment and the health of residents, and to decrease the consumption of clean underground water used in irrigation.

“The construction work at Darsait Water Treatment Plant has already started and almost 30% of the wastewater network under construction in Greater Muttrah , namely Darsait al Sahel, al Wadi al Kabir, Al Hamriya and Ruwi, is now complete. When ready the networks will allow easy and safe wastewater collection from houses and commercial buildings to the treatment plant in Darsait.” said Omar Al Wahaibi, CEO of Haya Water.