Chemical gas feeder eliminates need for pressure regulators

The Capital Controls® Series WP70CV3 gas-feed system has been introduced to control chemical feed in water or wastewater applications.

The system, from Severn Trent Services, has an automatic valve, flowmeter and vacuum gauge and operates under sonic conditions for all flow ranges, eliminating the need for differential pressure regulators.

The new gas-feeder’s integrated, space-saving design also saves material costs and customer time in wiring, system piping and routine maintenance. The wall-mounted unit incorporates the Capital Controls Series 70CV3000 Chloromatic™ intelligent gas flow control valve, which responds to multiple process signals from a water-flow transmitter and/or chlorine residual analyzer, eliminating the need for continuous operator monitoring.

The feeder also includes a gas-flow indicator and vacuum gauge mounted on a heavy-duty panel. It can be provided with optional integrally mounted and wired high- and low-vacuum switches. With minor materials changes in the valve head and flow indicator, the Series WP70CV3 can be used to control the feed rate of chlorine, sulfur dioxide, ammonia or carbon dioxide gas. It can accommodate 11 different flow meter capacities ranging from 10 to 3,000 PPD (200 g/h to 60 kg/h), providing versatility in meeting gas flow requirements.