DO and conductivity sensors introduced by ITT

Two new water quality sensors, the WQ-FDO Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor and the WQ-Cond Conductivity Sensor have been introduced by ITT Corporation.

The sensors are marketed under the ITT Global Water Instrumentation brand, part of the newly formed ITT Analytics.

The WQ-FDO optical dissolved oxygen (DO) sensor’s features include fast and precise optical DO measurements, a proven green light technology for long operational life and a beveled membrane that minimizes interference caused by air bubbles. Additionally the sensor is simple to operate and features low power consumption and maintenance.

The DO sensor has dual 4-20 mA output for partial pressure and temperature, which can be easily integrated into an existing or new monitoring system. Optional stainless steel or plastic armor is available to protect the sensor in harsh environments.

The WQ-Cond sensor features include fully encapsulated electronics that will measure conductivity in water up to 82 feet (25 m) deep. Additional enhancements include a measurement range of up to 2 S/cm and a separate 4-20 mA temperature output. Like the WQ-FDO optional armor is available to protect the conductivity sensor as well.

“These sensors allow our customers to meet their strict water quality regulatory requirements using the best and most reliable technology available,” states Ted Helms, Global Water Instrumentation marketing manager.