BWA to launch green antiscalant in Middle East

Flocon® 885, a biodegradable, phosphorus- and nitrogen-free antiscalant polymer for reverse osmosis is to be launched for the first time in the Middle East/Gulf region at the 15th Annual Water, Energy, Technology & Environment Exhibition (WETEX) to be held on 15-17 April 2013 in Dubai, UAE.

According to Dr Ian Hague, regional director – Middle East, for manufacturer BWA Water Additives, “Flocon 885 is a specialized organic material that is highly effective in controlling deposition of inorganic scale-forming salts on membrane surfaces. While there are many other membrane antiscalants on the market, Flocon 885 is the only product that is readily biodegradable in both sea and fresh water conditions.”

BWA will additionally display at WETEX its suite of products: Belgard ® antiscalant and antifoulant proprietary polymers for thermal desalination systems; Belite® antifoams; Belclene ® and Belcor® scale and corrosion inhibitors and Bellacide® microbiocides for industrial water systems; and Bellasol® scale inhibitors for the oil and gas industry.