US Navy orders another new desalination prototype

A new prototype advanced desalination system is to be built for the US Office of Naval Research (ONR) by Louisiana-based MECO. The ONR coordinates, executes and promotes the science and technology programs of the US Navy and Marine Corps.

In February 2013, the Office of Naval Research awarded MECO the construction of a 100,000 GPD (378 m³/d) system to be demonstrated on an LHA Amphibious Assault Ship. The new system, a 4,000 GPD (15 m³/d) unit, joins the larger one as part of a multiphase ONR Future Naval Capability program aimed at introducing new desalination capabilities to the navy fleet.

US Navy ships often operate in littoral and coastal waters that put a heavy burden on conventional desalination plants, which decreases their online availability. MECO’s new system design will use advanced membrane and control technology to more reliably produce fresh water from challenging feedwater sources while improving energy efficiency.